Patient Testimonials

  • I hurt my shoulder. Ponchatoula Therapy has strengthened my muscles so I can keep bowling. That’s my passion.

    Larry B.

  • I’m regaining strength so that I can play with my grandchildren.

    Harmon L.

  • They know what I do for a living, and they knew what needed to be done to get me back to that.

    James S.

  • Total knee replacement brought me here. I’ve come a very long way.

    Cathy A.

  • These guys really get to know you. They offer personal care.

    Abner N.

  • I experienced considerable hip pain for over a year, and now I am pain free thanks to the attentive skilled professionals at Ponchatoula Therapy. For months, I tried many options to gain relief from nerve pain and muscle weakness. I saw two doctors and underwent extensive testing. I worked with therapist at another clinic who mostly assigned exercises and passively observed while I executed them. Surgery was recommended by my doctors as all other options had been exhausted. A friend told me to try Ponchatoula Therapy because of their experienced therapist with advanced certifications. After approximately 6 visits which included dry needling, manual therapy, and other hands on treatment my pain began to decrease. My therapy was individualized according to my needs. Today I am pain free. I have referred family and friends who have also had success. Our town is lucky to have the high level of care Ponchatoula Therapy provides.

    Jeremy T.

  • Sure, we all know PT jokingly stands for Physical Torture, but I have to admit, I relished my weeks stint at Ponchatoula Therapy. I looked forward to it! The Staff became “Best Friends” and I healed through their patient care. Walking in now just to say hi still makes my neck muscles relax!

    Kim Z.

  • I love going to therapy because of the family environment the staff gives to their patients. The staff always brightens my day no matter what is going on!

    Camryn F.

  • After a week of being injured I saw no progression. I was in pain every day I woke up and was unable to put any type of pressure on my leg. Doctors said it could take months to recover which is not what I wanted to hear because I was anxious to finish my senior year of baseball. I decided to go to Ponchatoula Therapy because I heard great things about Scott Higgs and his Staff, which I found were true. I went from Not being able to apply Pressure to my leg to running full speed in a matter of two weeks. Most importantly I was able to finish my baseball season. I would highly recommend Ponchatoula Therapy to everyone who needs help. They provided me with the fastest recovery possible.

    Nathan T.

  • My neck pain was limiting all aspects of my life. Thanks to Ponchatoula Therapy, I have returned to the gym and I am able to tolerate my normal activities of daily living. I would highly Recommend.

    John C.

  • I enjoyed my time at Ponchatoula Therapy. I was able to successfully return to the job I love following my back surgery.

    Dennis H.

  • Knee pain was limiting my job duties as well as my recreational activity. The guys at Ponchatoula Therapy got me back to both.

    Marshall G.

  • I really enjoy the staff at Ponchatoula Therapy. The Dry Needling has helped my neck pain tremendously.

    Brandon S.

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