Heather’s story

IMG_6116Heather Perrin was counting on Ponchatoula Therapy to get her ready to run. And Scott Higgs didn’t disappoint. He and the staff at Ponchatoula Therapy worked hard with Heather to make sure she could run 13 miles pain free.

After suffering a torn calf muscle in previous fall, Heather worked her way back to health so she could run in the Louisiana half-marathon in January 2015. But a week before the race, she felt the injury again and called Ponchatoula Therapy.

Heather had heard about the dry needling technique and asked Scott Higgs if it would be right for her. After four days of daily appointments, she was ready to give running a try – and run she did. Heather achieved her dream of running the Louisiana half-marathon on Jan. 18. Great job, Heather!